Brodinski & Guillaume Berg – 5 Years of Bromance Records


“We’ve been here together for five years, delivered about fifty releases, organized more than 300 parties, festivals and other events. Today, Louis ‘Brodinski’ Rogé and I (Manu Barron)have decided, alongside the rest of our crew and staff, to put an end to the intense and exciting experience that was Bromance.”

– Louis Brodinski & Manu Barron

Wait. . .are these. . . parting words?

Bromance manager Manu Barron, explains that he and label founder Louis Barron (Brodinski) had come to an agreement to end Bromance Records shortly after their 5 year anniversary as a label. Bromance has become one of the most popular underground dance labels in recent years, and they pay homage to some amazing tracks that has brought them to this level.

Read the full farewell below, and comment below your favorite Bromance releases from over the years!


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