MALAA – Who Is Malaa #13

Malaa is back with another installment of his (just one guy right?….) ‘Who Is Malaa’ mix series. This mix is a groovy delight and rolls seamlessly through dirty bass lines and funky chops. Throwing in some hits out of the CONFESSIONS label from Tchami and Dombresky along with his own tracks, Malaa is blending together different realms of house music. He gives nods to techno, tech-house, bass house, and deep house and does it in a way that has us movin’ in the office.

So who is Malaa? I’ve heard some different things. The two most popular theories seem to be that its either DJ Snake, or its Tchami, Mercer, and DJ Snake and they switch off DJing at different gigs. Both theories involve DJ Snake….but then again they are just theories. Will we ever find out? I’m a bit partial to never finding out. He’s a DJ that is as interesting as his music, and hopefully it stays that way!

Check out the mix below(:

Written by – Andrew Koalska


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