DEMUR – Stairs


Brand new music coming from DEMUR. The mysterious producer has been in music news recently, as his backlash against big DJs like Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike had scored him a Billboard interview.

But the focus here is on the music. #REBELCLUB

This track “Stairs”incorporates a ton of cool ideas. Jersey Club drum rhythms, heavy 808s, almost a tribal kind of feel. . . it’s a track that feels original in the over-saturated world of EDM. In his recent phone interview with Billboard DEMUR was quoted saying,

“If there was one point where this shit hit the precipice of bullshit-ery,” he declares, “it was that moment in dance music history: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike buying their way to the top spot of DJ Mag. There is such a trend to copy what’s hot instead of progressing forward. If you have the right connections, you can blow up and play mainstage and actually do nothing. I couldn’t stand by and not say anything.”

In my eyes DEMUR is vocalizing thoughts that any long time fan of dance music has been thinking for a few years now….there is way to much dance music that sounds the same, and FUCK the DJ Mag Top 100. Excuse my bluntness friends, but it’s the gosh darn truth. The DJ Mag Top 100 is the biggest joke. . .maybe even across all genres of music. Whatever happened to making music for the sake of making music? Now we have “famous DJs” buying their vessel to fame, creating music that can really only excite you when you’re at the front row of Tomorrow Land.

But fear not, there are people like DEMUR who are speaking out for the voiceless fan, and creating awesome music while doing it.

Written by: Andrew Koalska


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