Spotify to Possibly Purchase Soundcloud

Yes it seems that music streaming giant Spotify is in talks with the execs at Soundcloud over a potential $1 billion buyout. ADVANCED talks that is according to Forbes. The music streaming space is rapidly changing and Spotify is looking to take full control.

So now time for speculation.

What will this mean for independent artists on Soundcloud? It has for years been the largest growing platform for bedroom artists to grow their brand. It’s the best place for finding those lesser known artists, some are even exclusive to the site. Anyone can upload a track in minutes without a label. Soundcloud’s paid subscription Soundcloud Go has so far been fairly mediocre in numbers, and Spotify has a HUGE paid subscription user base.

So could this buyout be the thing the music industry really needs? A merging of the most popular paid music service and the best platform for smaller artists could be the piece of the puzzle that brings it all together. The link that could potentially tie together the worlds of indie and label music. We are really excited about this, and we think you should be too! From all of our speculation this could be a game changer.

A push in the right direction per se.

A new chapter. An awakening. . . I don’t know. Whatever makes it work in your head.


written by – Andrew Koalska


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