Artist Collectives – The Collaborative World of Music Brought to its Knees

Soundcloud is a heavily saturated place. There is so much great content to roll through that it can be overwhelming. I catch myself asking “What here is really genuine?” “Who are the real people behind these beats?” “What does collaboration look like for Soundcloud artists?”. Artist collectives like Daruma, Moving Castle, Fete, Soulection, Alaya, Etc. have become collaborative mediums for many of today’s up and coming talent. Artists like the young Sam Gellaitry have had Soulection be their marketing avenue for success. Future Bass artist Jai Wolf has found a similar home in Moving Castle. These collectives are proof of how powerful collaboration can be. These brands grow because of the collaborative musical forces of the artists. Soulection, started in LA by Joe Kay, has gone from a small time radio show to having artists across the world who are touring constantly. The shift away from the record label industry has birthed an independent movement of collaborative artists who are all trying to do the same thing, bless your ears. Below is a link to the Daruma collectives Soundcloud which features tunes that span across the electronic music community.

Written By: Andrew Koalska


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